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“Graham Anthony Devine and players like him inhabit a new and a higher plane of music. Fluency, beautiful tone, power, clarity, timing, phrasing,    technical brilliance, a keen musical intelligence- none of these is a stranger to the guitar recital hall, but this young player confounds criticism by possessing them all, and in spades. We can expect even greater things, my guess is that Graham Anthony Devine is well on his way to becoming a musician of stellar magnitude”
Colin Cooper, Classical Guitar Magazine, Wigmore Hall concert review

“In a heavy duty programme Devine won over his audience with great musicality, technical   maturity and virtuosity. For example, Manuel Ponce’s 20 Variations and Fugue on `Folia  de Espana`  showed his huge range of dynamics and colours. Sudden fiery fortes, then sensitive and delicate sounds, almost as if they were lost or imagined, ultimately resembling a sort of Trauermusik. This was music of the first half of the 20th Century interpreted in a contemporary way.  Thunderous applause and bravo shouts already led   Devine to the interval -  magical inspiration.
The second half continued with limitless imagination.  A highlight was Leo Brower’s `La Ciudad de las  Columnas`.  The work was inspired by the book of the same name by Alejo Carpentier- it is a portrayal of   Havanna. The vivid descriptions that Devine spoke about in his introduction to this work were then transformed into colourful sound with masterly control.”

NÜRTINGEN GUITAR FESTIVAL, Germany , concert review
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Graham Anthony Devine is one of those rare musicians who puts to use his complete mastery of the instrument in order to communicate  emotions within the works he is interpreting in a most extraordinary and irresistible way. The blend of spirituality, mystery and warmth emanating so strongly from Graham's playing is likely to transport the listener into a breathless trance. An unforgettable concert!
Georgina Terni & Luigi Angelini - musicAmuseo, Italy

 " ... Flawless ... a highly polished performance by an already special performer. Watch out for him!"
Classical Guitar Magazine

"This is a guitarist that I would travel a considerable distance to hear again!"
Paul Fowles, Classical Guitar Magazine

"Graham at times seemingly pushed the guitar to its very limits. He is a talent and experience not to be missed."
GB Guitar Festival Review 99

WOW! He's an extraordinary player, so musical, beautiful sound, expressivity, phrasing, virtuoso technique. Really, the best young guitar talent I've heard in years.
Sharon Isbin, Grammy-award winning American guitarist

Graham is a very inspiring musician, his performances are loved by audiences everywhere.
Oscar Ghiglia, Concert guitarist and teacher



British Guitar Music - NAXOS 8.557040

Not long ago I praised a disc with "Guitar Music from Brazil" (Naxos 8.557295) played by Graham Anthony Devine, and I really looked forward to hearing more from him. Well, here he is again and on home ground he is just as convincing as he was "south of the border". I doubt that there are many more guitarists around with all the qualities that Mr Devine exhibits. His technical prowess is second to none but what impresses even more is his ability to shape a phrase, to build up the tension in a composition, to always keep the music alive. His playing is, if you excuse the pun, divine.
This disc is a winner in all respects. Listeners who normally fight shy of 20th century music need feel no fear: this is accessible music, sometimes even hummable. Recommended with all possible enthusiasm.

Göran Forsling , Musicweb International

"Graham Devine, who plays with great sensitivity, strikes me as an ideal artist to continue Bream’s musical legacy. On the evidence presented here, this young virtuoso has a very bright future indeed."
John Brunning, CLASSIC FM

LEO BROUWER Solo Guitar Music VOL. 3 - NAXOS 8.554195

“Right from the first note you know this is not your ordinary guitar disc. The guitar sound is beautiful throughout and both composer and performer must share the credit for this.”
“Anyone who loves the modern guitar sound is bound to love this disc. Strongly recommended.”

MusicWeb UK

“his musicianship is unimpeachable, his fleet technique is world-class, and his command of Brouwer's idiom is complete.

Guitar Music from Brazil - NAXOS 8.557295

So let me make it clear that Graham Anthony Devine is a masterly guitarist, playing this attractive, varied and thrilling programme to perfection. Are you a guitarist or a guitar music lover: buy it! Are you a general music lover: buy it! Just curious about what classical guitar music might be: buy it!
Göran Forsling , Musicweb International

Devine is such a fantastic virtuoso that you forget he’s playing a guitar, and instead would be sure you are hearing an ensemble of many instruments.
So, relax and enjoy. This is a great guitar recording as such, and of interest to anyone who likes Brazilian music.

Paul Shoemaker , Musicweb International

Even the most unassuming popular tunes are ennobled by Graham Anthony Devine's masterly playing.


“Wonderful CD! Graham's performance of my Appassionata is very expressive: beautiful sound, elegant phrasing and passionate contrasts. I am very happy with this recording”

“Graham Devine's new Appassionata CD breathes effortlessly with a classic yet unique musicality. Expect to hear more from him in the future.”

“Devine’s playing is truly dazzling…. The quality of Appassionata can be ranked alongside the finest of classical guitar recordings today”.